the „one“ album

No lightweight stuff – „one“ album by Spruddy. Release 29/01/2016.

Here is the long awaited debut album by Spruddy. Produced by Jo Hirt and hit producer Jr. Blender (Major Lazer). The album contains eight tracks about love, life, doubt and believe. You can hear eight tracks that come from the heart and from the experiences of a humble soul. Spruddy gives you a glimpse into his life with stories, that are not always easy but told by a true heart. Stories about the daily struggle between work and music, love and hate, man and woman. Listening to this album you can escape your daily routine for a while and follow Spruddy on a journey to Jamaica, meet his friends and family or just listen to his sweet voice and catchy melodies.

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The „one“ CD is available only at Selekta Hamburg, Rimpo Tübingen and buyreggae